Robotic Mowers

    Go Go Gadget Mower! Nowadays, many homes are being built as "smart homes," or fully automated homes designed to make your life easier, keep you safer, and save you money on utilities. Whoever thought of smart homes, probably also though of "smart" yard mowers. Whoever this "smart" person is, s/he thought of their yard first, because that's where a lot of strenuous work can be dedicated! Robotic lawnmowers, if you've never heard of them, are here to save the day. They've already been in use for about ten years.

    Mow-bots or robot-mowers (or whatever ingenious name you want to call them) are saving a lot of people time and money. These little gadgets come in assorted colors, shapes and sizes, but look a lot like a gigantic turtle shell. Most of the robots run on batteries, although a Swedish company, Husqvarna, have been selling their solar models for years. Most battery operated units run anywhere from three to six hours in between charges. So, if you have a normal-size yard, the mower will finish the job in its entirety before it has to return to its charging station.

    Go Go Gadget Mower is right! Running along an underground wire (that can be easily installed or just left on the surface of the lawn and naturally buried over time), a self-propelled mower is quiet and reliable. Did we mention smart? If the mower senses something near by, such as a small pet Chihuahua, it will mow around it. And, if it begins to rain, the clever-devil returns to its base.

    There are a few different companies making robot-mowers, so there's always something new coming out into the market. But the latest models can be programmed to mow everyday so that your lawn always has that fresh-cut smell.

    The new, recent models are so quite, however, that parents should beware. While the sensors allow the mower to handle different obstacles, children should never be allowed to play around the machines. They still operate using a spinning blade, which is dangerous for anyone (or animal) to approach too closely.